A Closer Look at Consumer Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility is part of Lab42’s research series exploring current social and business issues, helping marketers uncover important consumer insights, build foundational understanding, and refine their strategies.

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According to our research, 80 percent of Americans think companies should strive to be more socially responsible, and nearly 85 percent of respondents said that they would be willing to pay more for goods and services that  demonstrate social responsibility. 

After reviewing existing research and literature, Lab42 identified a need to delve into the minds of consumers and understand their thoughts on corporate social responsibility and how it relates to their purchasing habits. This topline report specifically addresses the following:

  • What do consumers view as corporate social responsibility?
  • What brands are considered most/least socially responsible?
  • Do consumers care about corporate social responsibility?
  • Does corporate social responsibility impact consumers' buying decisions?