Why use Lab42?

We may be a little biased, but we’ve identified a few reasons why a client would want to use Lab42 instead of a different market research company.
  • Speed – we can deliver your survey results in as little as 3 business days, sometimes even sooner. 
  • Low Cost – for the price that you would spend to reach general population respondents with other market research companies, Lab42 allows you to reach your specific target market.
  • Fresh Results – survey panels are so 1999. Lab42 recognizes that social networks and social media are the wave of the future, so we don’t even bother with panels. Rather, we obtain fresh respondents to each and every survey we launch.
  • Professional Involvement – as an optional service, you can consult with Lab42’s research team to help you develop and deploy your survey.

How can I be sure the research you are conducting is valid?

By using 3rd party survey software, we can track responses from each participant to ensure respondents are not taking surveys more than once. In addition to qualifying the respondents based on category targeting, we also have very intricate screening questions in place to ensure the data we are collecting is answering the who, what, when, where and why of your questions.

You say you are obtaining survey respondents through social networks. Doesn’t that mean your sample will be skewed?

Partially. We are only able to reach people who use social networks and social media websites. However, we currently use a variety of the largest social networks to obtain our respondents. This includes over 500 million individuals, which means that our results are widely representative. Also, there has been quite a bit of research-on-research conducted which shows that social network sample is highly correlative with that of survey panels.

How do you obtain your respondents for the surveys?

Lab42 has a network of relationships among the top social networks, social media sites, and social games. We are able to offer our surveys via these networks, and in exchange for completing a survey, the respondent receives virtual currency. We have found that this works better than simple points because the user actually values their reward, and they receive the virtual currency immediately upon completing the survey.

What types of questions can I ask in my survey?

All types of questions—from one answer, multiple choice questions to rating different images and open-ended questions. We don’t limit the kinds of questions you can ask, because sometimes simple multiple choice questions just don’t cut it.

Can I use images or videos in my survey?

Of course! We find that our service provides great value to product designers and ad agencies who show images or videos of their products and ads to consumers to determine which are best. Please contact us while creating your survey to discuss how a Lab42 account manager can set up images for you.

Do you have any other questions? Email us at info@lab42.com.